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Recovery Is Happening is a full-service Recovery Community Organization that has been serving the community in Minnesota since 2011. They aim to mobilize and develop resources within and outside the recovery community through public education, policy advocacy, and peer-based recovery support. 


During our conversation with Jenna Klassen, the Executive Director of Recovery Is Happening, she expressed her desire for a new mark to represent their organization. We incorporated birds into the logo, as they are often viewed as symbols of freedom, movement, and change. Songbirds, in particular, are frequently used to represent people in recovery who are on a path to positive change.


The mark we designed also incorporates the folds and creases of origami, which symbolize multiple pathways to achieving a destination (or recovery journey). The bright color palette used in the logo provides hope and energy, which is intended to remind people of the eight foundation pillars of wellness that support their path to recovery.

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