Neighborly Creative was established in 2011 (formerly White Space) in the heart of Rochester, Minnesota. We have spent the past decade growing alongside clients as we worked together to launch new brands, refresh existing ones, and create meaningful experiences that contribute to our partners’ ongoing success. The collaborations have resulted in strong relationships across various industries, from restaurants and retail to construction and health care. Today our company continues to grow—in talent and creativity—with a team of problem-solvers equipped with the experience and know-how to help your business stand out.

We start with a brand strategy. This is the blueprint that tells us who is behind your brand, why you exist, and how you will stand out in a crowded market. 

Next we develop the brand identity to engage the target audience. The purpose is to demonstrate the brand’s personality; how it looks, communicates, and functions. 

Finally, we design the print, digital, space, and wearable collateral so you can begin creating awareness for your brand and building relationships with your network.

Sarah Richardson

Founder / CEO

Audrey Hunt

Creative Director

Briana Beyerstedt

Brand Designer

Julia Hurley Hermanson

Brand Designer

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