Neighborly Creative was established in 2011 (formerly White Space) in the heart of Rochester, Minnesota. We have spent the past decade growing alongside clients as we worked together to launch new brands, refresh existing ones, and create meaningful experiences that contribute to our partners’ ongoing success. The collaborations have resulted in strong relationships across various industries, from restaurants and retail to construction and health care. Today our company continues to grow—in talent and creativity—with a team of problem-solvers equipped with the experience and know-how to help your business stand out.

BRAND experiences

Sarah Richardson

Founder / CEO

Our founder Sarah is expanding her original vision for her company’s work and impact on our community.  Sarah has a design background and founded Creative Juice, which rebranded to  White Space in 2013. She has spent the last decade helping define and grow well-loved local brands. She believes in the circular power of individuals and businesses investing in their communities to elevate everyone around us. With the launch of Neighborly Group, she looks forward to exploring new ways to connect people’s ideas and passions to living, breathing brands, experiences, and products that fuel the growth and well-being of our community.

Audrey Hunt

Creative Director

Regarding design, Audrey is the literal jack of all trades. She studied interdisciplinary design and was exposed to everything design-related – from landscape and architecture to graphics and photography. Her mind is always going and she has the talent and experience to turn a thought or abstract idea into a real concept. She designs from strategy and is exceptional at listening to and translating our clients’ direction to graphics, products, and experiences. She has led our creative process for over six years now and could not imagine herself doing anything else!

Briana Beyerstedt

Brand Designer

Briana brings a deep appreciation for thoughtful design and its impact on individuals and the world around them. She was broadly trained in fine arts, which she specifically applied to design and marketing through her education. Briana’s creative career started at Early Bird Hospitality in Rochester, where she managed advertising campaigns and social media. At Neighborly, she works on a wide range of design projects and social media strategies, purposefully using design to solve our clients’ business challenges.

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