Seasonal Specialty Honey of the Midwest Seasons

The Bee Shed is a Rochester-based company dedicated to educating the public about the importance of pollination as it relates to sustainable food production, mentorship of beekeepers, and education of the public about the importance of bees. They take a different approach. Every flowering species blooms in distinct seasons, each producing honey with a unique flavor and scent. We work in harmony with the seasonal blooms by doing multiple harvests, each yielding honey with a Minnesota-unique flavor, scent, and color. Chris Schad, the owner asked our team to create packaging for their unique flavors: Wildflower, Spring, Midsummer, Autumn, August Kiss and Buckwheat Stout. This included a refreshed look to all their labels and a three pack sampler gift pack for small grocer’s in SE Minnesota. Each honey has it’s own color palette, flavor bar and floral illustration that matches the flavor profile.

Photography: @ChooChooCaChew

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