Real Honey. Real Hot!

The Bee Shed is a Rochester-based company that is dedicated to our pollinators, the bees. Chris Schad, the owner started with his initial flight of honey which included Wildflower, Spring, Midsummer, Autumn, August Kiss and Buckwheat Stout. They work in harmony with the seasonal blooms by doing multiple harvests, each yielding honey with a Minnesota-unique flavor, scent, and color. 

In 2023, The Bee Shed wanted to explore other flavors, this time Hot Honey. They saw a demand in the market and wanted to give it a try. Their signature raw wildflower honey is infused with ghost peppers creating a unique and complex flavor profile. You get the sweet honey profile at first, but it finishes with a fiery kick of smoky ghost pepper flavor that lingers on the tongue. The sweet heat of Hot Shed Honey is a flavor experience you don’t want to miss. Our team was asked to design a new line of honey with a new color palette, identity, and packaging. Think you can take the heat?


Photography: @ChooChooCaChew

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